Scoliosis surgery in boys

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Most scoliosis research focuses on girls. Read about the similarities and differences between boys and girls in their experiences with scoliosis.

Key points

  • Studies have shown that boys and girls generally respond to surgery in similar ways, but boys had more rigid spines before surgery, experienced greater blood loss during surgery and higher pain scores on the day after surgery.

Scoliosis is more common in girls than boys. As a result, most research studies tend to focus on girls. There have been a couple of studies comparing the outcome of scoliosis surgery between boys and girls.

Studies have concluded that boys and girls were similar in:

  • Size of pre-operative curve
  • The amount of correction they receive from surgery
  • The number of vertebrae that are fused
  • Surgical time and length of hospital stay
  • The number of complications following surgery
  • The size of the rib prominence following surgery
  • Back strength and flexibility following surgery
  • Lung function before and after surgery

Boys were different from girls in that:

  • Boys’ spines were more rigid than girls before surgery.
  • Blood loss during surgery was greater in boys.
  • Pain scores on the first day following surgery were higher in boys.
Last updated: June 1st 2008