Central venous line (CVL) insertion into the femoral vein using image guidance

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​A central venous line (CVL) is a long, soft, thin, flexible tube that allows medicine into a child's body. Read about the femoral procedure.

Key points

  • A femoral CVL is a soft, long, thin, flexible tube used in children who need IV medications, chemotherapy, hemodialysis, apheresis, or IV fluids.
  • The femoral insertion site is commonly used in infants and children when the catheter does not need to be in place longer than seven to 14 days.
  • The tip of the catheter is inserted into a vein in the leg and is guided into the large vein leading to the heart.
  • Heparin will need to be flushed into the femoral CVL after every use.
  • Your child should be on bedrest with bathroom privileges until the femoral CVL is removed.
Last updated: July 25th 2019