Feeding studies

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Learn about feeding studies, which find out what your child can drink and eat safely. The feeding study is an X-ray video of what happens from when food enters your child's mouth until after your child swallows.

Key points

  • A feeding study is done when swallowing problems are suspected during an occupational therapist's feeding assessment of your child.
  • A feeding study involves an image or video of the inside of your child's mouth and throat to help determine what your child can safely eat and drink.
  • During the feeding study, your child may be asked to drink different liquids and eat different foods. As your child is eating, the occupational therapist and radiologist will be watching the screen to see how your child swallows.
  • Following the feeding study, the occupational therapist will talk to you about the results of the feeding study, answer your questions, and talk to you about how to feed your child.
Last updated: September 21st 2015