Physiotherapy and heart transplant

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Children who require heart transplants have complicated medical issues. Learn how physiotherapy can help your child before and after a heart transplant.

Key points

  • Children who require a heart transplant typically have complicated medical issues and may have a variety of physical issues as a result. These might include loss of gross motor skills, weakness and deconditioning.
  • Children who need a heart transplant are typically not able to be as physically active as they need to be, and physiotherapy can help tailor a program for them.
  • Physical activity is very important for children who are waiting for a transplant to help keep them as strong as possible for the surgery.
  • Physiotherapy activities can help improve lung function and prevent lung problems while children are recovering in hospital and can help improve long-term fitness as their recovery progresses.
  • Physical activity is very important for children following a heart transplant to help with their recovery and improve long-term health and fitness.
Last updated: January 18th 2016