Hernia repair: Care for your child after the operation

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This page is about the surgery to repair a hernia. This information lets parents know what to expect if their child is having an operation to fix a hernia.

Key points

  • A hernia is when tissue or bowel pushes through a gap in the muscles of the belly or groin. A hernia often looks like a bulge in the skin.
  • Your child will need surgery (an operation) to fix the hernia. Your child can usually go home on the same day as the operation.
  • Your child will need to take pain medicine for a few days.
  • If your child's incision looks infected or your child has a fever, call the surgeon's office.
  • If the incision bleeds a lot, press on it with a clean washcloth. If it does not stop, take your child to a doctor
Last updated: January 18th 2011