Hidradenitis suppurativa

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Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that causes painful bumps and boils to develop in the folds of the skin. Learn about the signs, symptoms and treatment of HS.

Key points

  • HS is a chronic, recurrent, inflammatory skin disease that presents as painful bumps and boils in the folds of the skin.
  • HS is not an infection. It is not caused by bacteria and is not caused by poor hygiene.
  • There is sometimes a delay in diagnosing HS as in the early stages it may initially be diagnosed as infection or folliculitis.
  • HS is more common after puberty.
  • Treatment for HS can be challenging and take weeks to months to work.
  • It is important for your child to continue on their long-term treatments and follow their doctor’s recommendations.
Last updated: April 8th 2022