Hirschsprung disease

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Learn how Hirschprung disease affects the bowel and how it is diagnosed and usually treated.

Key points

  • Hirschsprung disease is a condition in which nerve cells are missing from part of the bowel. This can cause stool to become blocked and make a child very sick.
  • The usual treatment for Hirschsprung disease is "pull-through" surgery to remove the part of the bowel without nerve cells and allow the rest of the bowel to work normally. Some children might need an ostomy before pull-through surgery.
  • After surgery, apply ointment to ease diaper rash and follow the surgical team's instructions for giving pain medicines and returning for follow-up appointments.
  • Bowel infections can occur after surgery. Contact your surgeon if your child has watery or foul-smelling diarrhea, a swollen belly or fever or is vomiting.
Last updated: September 19th 2014