Tinzaparin: Injecting at home

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A guide on giving your child tinzaparin injections at home. Also learn when to call your thrombosis team.

Key points

  • Tinzaparin is a blood thinner (anticoagulant).
  • Tinzaparin helps prevent unwanted blood clots or existing blood clots from getting bigger.
  • It is given for as long as your child needs it.
  • It can be injected into the thigh, upper arm and abdomen.
  • You will be given prescriptions for the right size of syringes. They are called insulin syringes and come in sizes of 30 units (3/10 mL), 50 units (1/2 mL) and 100 units (1 mL). The size of the syringe depends on the prescribed dosage.
  • Tinzaparin does not require refrigeration and can be kept at room temperature.
  • Once opened, the bottle can be used for 30 days only.
  • 1 unit on the insulin syringe = 200 units of tinzaparin.
Last updated: July 7th 2021