Looking ahead for leukemia survivors

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Learn what to expect after your child with leukemia goes into remission.

Key points

  • Many children with leukemia go on to live normal lives.
  • Your child should be knowledgeable of their medical history so they can take care of their health as they grow up.
  • It is important for children to attend follow-up visits so doctors can monitor any late effects from treatment.

It is natural for you to wonder and worry about what your child’s life will be like once treatment is over and, as your child gets older.

Many childhood survivors of leukemia go on to lead normal lives. While you, your child, and your family want to go back to living as normal lives as possible, it is important to be aware of potential health problems in the future. For this reason, your child should be aware of their own medical history so they can play an active role in taking care of their health.

Your child should make sure to attend follow-up visits so doctors can help monitor any potential late-effects from treatment. Your treatment team will advise you on the late effects that your child may develop because of their leukemia treatment. This is a reference guide for what to watch for, not a sign of what will happen.

Last updated: March 6th 2018