Noonan syndrome and congenital heart conditions

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Noonan syndrome is a genetic condition. Learn about the symptoms and diagnosis of Noonan syndrome and the heart conditions associated with the condition.

Key points

  • Noonan syndrome is a relatively common genetic condition. It is most often diagnosed in childhood but can be diagnosed at any age.
  • In 60% of cases, Noonan syndrome is caused by a genetic change (variant) which occurs for the first time in the child. However, it can also be inherited from a parent.
  • Every child with Noonan syndrome is different, individuals with Noonan syndrome can have many or few physical or developmental differences. About 80% of cases of Noonan syndrome involve a heart condition.
  • There is currently no single treatment for Noonan syndrome, but it is often possible to successfully manage several aspects of the condition.
Last updated: May 10th 2021