Nursing team

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Learn about the nursing teams involved in all aspects of your child's care.

Key points

  • Nurses are involved in all aspects of your child's care from testing, treatment and recovery.
  • Advanced practice nurses have completed specialized training and can perform certain tests and treatment functions that doctors can do.

This page explains how nurses help children.


Nurses are health care professionals who provide comprehensive care while your child is in hospital and provide a link between you and the rest of the health care team. Nurses will likely be involved in educating you about the special care your child may need.

You will meet different kinds of nurses when you come to or stay at the hospital. They may have different titles, depending on what they specialize in or the particular job they do, like nurse coordinator or pain and sedation nurses. Nurses are experienced in caring for children with a range of conditions.

Nurses will be involved in all aspects of your child's care, from initial testing, through treatment and recovery. Your child's nurse is a good resource if you need information or support, either at the hospital or at home.

Advanced practice nurse (APN)/nurse practitioner (NP)

All APNs have a Master's degree or higher and have completed special nurse practitioner courses. Those who have written and passed an additional exam are called NPs. APN/NPs have specialized knowledge in certain areas or populations that enables them to provide medical and holistic care to patients. They are able to perform some of the diagnostic and treatment functions that previously only doctors were allowed to do. They have advanced knowledge and decision-making skills that apply to assessment, diagnosis, drug prescription, and health promotion.

APN/NPs may help to care for your child in the hospital or in some of the clinics.

Last updated: December 4th 2009