Ostomy care instructions

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Your child’s ostomy pouch will need to be emptied and changed regularly to prevent leaks and protect the skin around their stoma. Find instructions for how to care for, empty and change your child’s ostomy pouch.

Key points

  • Empty your child’s pouch when it is one-third to one-half full.
  • Change your child’s pouch every three to four days or if it leaks.
  • When changing your child’s pouch, check that the stoma is red, moist and smooth. Check the skin around the stoma for signs of redness or irritation.
  • Call your nurse if you have questions about the ostomy, the pouch or any skin irritation around the stoma.
  • Call your health-care provider if your child has diarrhea, a fever or much longer delays between bowel movements than normal, if their vomit is green or if the stoma does not stop bleeding.
Last updated: December 29th 2023