Pain management plan

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An overview of the components of a pain management plan for children.

A pain management plan should be worked out with the health-care professionals who have been treating your child. The nature of the plan, including the strategies that it uses and how comprehensive it is, will depend on the needs of your child.

It is likely that the plan will have several components. Usually, pain is controlled in three ways: with pain relief medications, with psychological strategies, and with physical techniques.

The success of the plan will require the co-operation of your child, your family, and other caregivers, such as babysitters. For the plan to be most effective, it is best that everyone involved knows what the plan is and why it is being used.

Involving your child in the plan to the maximum of their understanding and ability is very important in establishing a sense of control over the pain. A feeling of having control over pain is helpful for living with pain at any age.

Last updated: September 17th 2009