Peritonitis related to G tubes and GJ tubes

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Peritonitis is a rare but serious complication related to G or GJ tube insertion. Find out what causes peritonitis related to G and GJ tubes, the signs and symptoms, and how it’s treated.

Key points

  • Peritonitis is a rare complication of G or GJ tube insertion.
  • Peritonitis is the inflammation of the inner lining of the abdominal wall, which covers all the organs within the abdomen.
  • Risk for developing peritonitis is highest in the first few days after tube insertion. It can also happen after a tube exchange if the newly exchanged tube is misplaced and feeds are given outside the stomach.
  • If you have any concerns that your child may have peritonitis, do not use your child’s tube for feeds, fluids or medications. Do not feed your child by mouth. Visit the nearest emergency department immediately.
Last updated: November 30th 2018