Phonological problems: Resources

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There are books, games and computer programs available to parents to help their child with phonological awareness.

Key points

  • Use books, games and computer programs to help your child if they have a phonological awareness problem.​​

There are many books, games and computer programs available for parents to help their child who has a phonological awareness problem. Here are just a few.


The Phonics Handbook

by Sue Lloyd
Publisher: Jolly Learning, Essex, UK (2000)
ISBN: 1870946952

A+ Activities for First Grade: Hundreds of Fun and Creative Activities that Will Help Kids Advance in Math, Language, Science, and More

by Naomi Singer and Matthew Miller
Publisher: Adams Media Corp., Avon, MA (2000)

Predicting and Preventing Early School Failure: Classroom Activities for the Preschool Child

by Marvin L. Simner
53 pages
Publisher: Canadian Psychological Association
ISBN: 1-896538-33-9

Help your child read phonic reading books such as:

  • Primary Phonics
  • Bob Books

Help your child complete simple phonic workbooks. Some examples include:

  • Primary Phonics and Thinking about Mac
  • Tab, Get Ready for the Code
  • Explode the Code
  • Beyond the Code
  • Handprints

Computer programs

Have your child complete “Earobics,” a computer program designed for children four to six years. It contains six activities that become increasingly difficult as the child’s skills improve.

The GRADE-Preschool and Kindergarten CD Rom Libraries contain phonological awareness activities for classroom or individual use. Available from Psycan.

Last updated: October 31st 2009