Physical treatments for pain management

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Read about physical treatments for pain management. These treatments are aimed at treating pain and its underlying causes.

Physical treatments are aimed at treating both pain and also the underlying cause of pain. The underlying cause could be either disease such as arthritis, or injury such as a broken leg. For some children with chronic pain, the source of the pain is not known. In these cases, the treatment will be directed at relieving the pain itself.

Some physical treatments are well known. For example, when a child gets a minor burn on their finger, parents know to run the finger under cold water for instant relief. If a child pulls a muscle playing soccer, a gentle massage can release the tension and the pain will ease. These are simple and effective treatments.

Other physical treatments are more complex and require the services of qualified health professionals, such as physiotherapists. However, many of these treatments can be learned and then done at home.

Using physical treatments to manage pain is common. They are often used in combination with other pain-relieving methods. If your child is being treated for pain by medical professionals, you should always ask which physical treatments are appropriate. You should also inform them of any other treatments your child is already receiving, including medicines, psychological therapies, and alternative or complementary therapies. Parents should ask which physical treatments they can help provide.

Last updated: September 18th 2009