Preauricular sinus or cyst removal

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Learn what a preauricular sinus is, how it is removed and how to properly care for your child at home after the removal.

Key points

  • A preauricular sinus is a tract traveling under the skin that does not belong there and is marked by a small hole located in front of the ear. This hole is sometimes called a “pit”.
  • Your child will have the preauricular sinus surgically removed if they are prone to repeated infections. These infections usually cause a cyst to develop.
  • A preauricular sinus or cyst removal is usually a low-risk procedure.
  • Your child will receive a general anaesthetic or sedation during the procedure.
  • Your child’s stitches will dissolve on their own. They will be able to bath or shower after their follow-up appointment with the surgeon, about one week after the procedure.
  • Do not let your child play contact sports or go swimming after the procedure until they receive approval from their surgeon.
Last updated: August 20th 2021