Reading problems: When to worry

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Learn about some signs that indicate your child may need extra help with reading.

Key points

  • ​There are signs starting as soon as junior kindergarten to look out for that may indicate your child is having problems with reading.
  • ​If your child is having problems with reading and needs extra help consult with a teacher or education professional.

You should begin to have concerns and seek guidance from a teacher or other educational professional if your child shows signs they need extra help with reading.

Signs that your child may be having problems with reading include:

  • trouble learning colour names in junior kindergarten
  • trouble learning letter names in senior kindergarten
  • trouble hearing rhymes or isolating sounds in words
  • trouble blending sounds together
  • difficulty recognizing a word after having seen it many times in many different contexts
  • after sounding out a word, giving an unrelated word
  • frequent letter or number reversals by the end of Grade One, especially if there has been more than three months of practice
  • consistent omission or transposition of letters in words, for example, "gril" instead of "girl"
  • choppy, slow reading
  • a limited sight vocabulary

More information

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Last updated: October 31st 2009