Sedation: Caring for your child at home

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Sedation is a medicine that helps your child relax, stay calm or sleep. Learn how to take care of your child at home after sedation.

Key points

  • Your child might feel different for up to one day after receiving sedation. Watch your child closely, especially if they are doing things that need balance or concentration.
  • Feed your child clear fluids at first. When your child can drink without throwing up, start giving them what they normally eat.
  • If your baby is able to drink from a bottle, try to give them one or two feedings of clear fluid before giving formula or breastfeeding.
  • If your baby cannot drink from a bottle, make sure your baby is wide awake and start with a short feed.
  • If you are driving with your child, have another adult sit next to your child to watch them.
  • Check your child for the first three or four hours that they sleep. Make sure that you can wake them, they are breathing regularly and their skin is its usual colour. If there are any breathing problems, call 911 for help.
Last updated: November 13th 2019