Surgically inserted J tubes

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Learn why your child may need a surgically-inserted J tube, how they are inserted and how to care for your child’s feeding tube.

Key points

  • A jejunostomy (J) tube is a type of feeding tube that is surgically inserted directly into the jejunum. J tubes are always inserted by a surgeon.
  • Always know and understand why your child had a J tube placed and if there is anything different about your child’s anatomy. This is important in case the tube needs to be replaced by someone who is not familiar with your child.
  • Always carry an emergency kit with an extra tube, in case the tube is accidentally pulled out.
  • If your child’s tube is accidentally pulled out within 8 weeks of insertion, do not attempt to insert a new tube; go directly to the emergency department to have the tube replaced.
Last updated: August 5th 2020