Torticollis surgery

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Torticollis occurs when one of the neck muscles is tighter on one side than the other. Surgery may be needed to treat torticollis if physiotherapy and stretching exercises that are done in the first year of a child’s life are not enough.

Key points

  • Torticollis occurs when the muscle on one side of the neck is tighter than on the other side. This causes the head to tilt toward the side with the tight muscle and the head to turn to the opposite side.
  • Torticollis is best treated with physiotherapy and stretching in the first year of a child’s life.
  • Your child will need to wear a neck collar for four to six weeks after surgery except for when they are doing their exercises, bathing and occasionally for meals.
  • Your child will need to do neck stretching and postural exercises every day for up to a year after surgery.
Last updated: April 14th 2021