Treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)

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This page lists different treatments for juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Key points

  • There are many different medications and therapies that can be used together to help manage JIA.

When you know about JIA medications and other treatment options, you can talk to the doctor about them and make good choices. This section will cover different medications and therapies for JIA management.

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Do you know about the medications for JIA? Do you know why they are needed and how they help the symptoms of JIA? Are you wondering what side effects to watch for with the medications?

Did you know that there are many other therapies besides medications that can be used to manage JIA symptoms?

This section of the JIA resource centre will help to answer some common questions about JIA medications including:

  • types of medications
  • how medications work
  • how medications are given
  • common side effects
  • how to give an injection

You will also learn about the many other types of therapies available to help manage JIA, including:

  • physical therapies such as exercise, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy
  • psychological therapies
  • complementary and alternative therapies
  • ways to maintain healthy nutrition
  • surgical options for complications related to JIA
  • eye care and dental care
Last updated: January 31st 2017