G/GJ tubes: Corflo PEG J tube

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A Corflo PEG Jejunal (J) tube is a type of feeding tube. Find out how it is inserted, how to care for it and what to do if it is accidentally pulled out.

Key points

  • A Corflo PEG J tube provides liquid nutrition, medication and other fluids directly into the small intestine (jejunum). It is made from a Corflo PEG tube that is in the stomach and a silicon rubber tube that is advanced through it into the jejunum.
  • The tube is placed by an interventional radiologist. Your child will be given a general anaesthetic before the primary tube insertion procedure.
  • If your child’s silicon rubber J tube has been pulled out or moved out of place, contact the G tube specialist or take your child to the Emergency Department.
Last updated: May 10th 2019