Etomidate speech and memory (eSAM) test before epilepsy surgery

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Read how an eSAM test helps your child's epilepsy team identify the exact part of the brain where your child's seizures start.

Key points

  • An eSAM, or Wada test, involves answering questions and doing tasks while an EEG records brain activity and one side of your child's brain is put to sleep.
  • The test is divided in two parts: an angiogram to x-ray the blood flow in your child's brain and an eSAM to test your child's language and memory skills.
  • Once the eSAM is done for one side of the brain, it is repeated for the other side.
  • Your child's doctor will use the results of the eSAM with other test results to decide on the best treatment or surgery for your child.
Last updated: October 10th 2017