G/GJ tubes: What to do if your child’s feeding tube moves

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Find out how to prevent your child's G tube from moving in and out of the stoma, and what to do if you suspect it has moved.

Key points

  • If your child’s G tube looks longer or shorter than normal, it may have moved out of position.
  • If you child has a G tube inserted by a radiologist using image guidance, it can be re-positioned to sit in the stomach.
  • If your child has a GJ tube that moved out of position, you will need to contact the G tube Resource Nurse immediately or visit the emergency department as the tube cannot be re-positioned at home. An image guidance will be required to re-position the tube in the jejunum.
  • Always secure the tube properly to prevent it moving in and out of the stoma.
Last updated: April 5th 2023