Caring for dental braces while travelling and away from home

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Learn how you and your child can care for their dental braces, retainers and invisible aligners while away from home or travelling.

Key points

  • The most common issues that occur with braces are often minor and can be addressed by you or your child until an appointment is made at the orthodontist’s office.
  • Common braces issues include sensitive teeth, irritation, broken or loose brackets and protruding wires.
  • Prepare and pack a braces emergency kit to help your child maintain their dental hygiene and address minor braces issues until your child can be seen by an orthodontist.
  • It is important your child avoids hard, chewy, crunchy and sticky foods to minimize damaging their dental braces and appliances.
  • Your child should wear a mouthguard if they have metal braces during any physical activity that may cause an injury to the mouth.
Last updated: May 14th 2021