Infantile spasms

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Learn about infantile spasms, a type of epilepsy. Learn how infantile spasms are diagnosed and treated, and who can help you and your baby.

Key points

  • Infantile spasms are a type of epilepsy that usually begins in the first year of life.
  • Infantile spasms do not cause your baby pain, but they must be treated as soon as possible, or your baby will stop developing and learning new things.
  • After being diagnosed with infantile spasms, your baby may need tests to help find the cause of the infantile spasms. Your baby may need to have an MRI of the brain or have blood and urine tested for chemical changes or changes in the genes.
  • Your baby’s infantile spasms will be treated with medicine. Your baby will be treated with vigabatrin first. If vigabatrin does not work then your baby will be treated with ACTH or prednisolone or another anti-seizure medicine.
  • Many babies who have infantile spasms will develop other seizures later in life.
Last updated: November 19th 2013