Puberty in boysPPuberty in boysPuberty in boysEnglishDevelopmentalPre-teen (9-12 years);Teen (13-18 years)Penis;Scrotum;Testicle;SkinPenis;Vas deferens;Scrotum;Testicle;Skin;Sweat glandsHealthy living and preventionCaregivers Adult (19+)NA2010-06-29T04:00:00ZMark Feldman, MD, FRCPC000Flat ContentHealth A-Z<p>Puberty is a stage of development where your child's body starts to take on adult form. Learn about puberty in boys and how to talk to your son about puberty.</p><h2>What is puberty?</h2><p>Puberty is a stage of development. It is when your child’s body starts to change into adult form. During puberty, your child’s brain releases hormones. These lead to changes in the body. Puberty is marked by physical changes. It involves the onset of sexuality, and the ability to reproduce.</p> <figure> </figure><h2>Key points</h2> <ul> <li>Talk to your son about sex on an ongoing basis.</li> <li>Make sure he knows that masturbation is a normal and private matter.</li> <li>Several short conversations about sexuality may be better received than fewer, longer ones.</li> <li>Listen to his thoughts in a non-judgmental, unconditionally loving way.</li> </ul>
男孩青春期男孩青春期Puberty in BoysChineseSimplifiedNAChild (0-12 years);Teen (13-18 years)NANANAAdult (19+)NA2010-06-29T04:00:00ZMark Feldman, MD, FRCPC68.00000000000006.00000000000000973.000000000000Flat ContentHealth A-Z青春期是一個發育階段,在青春期階段,孩子的身體開始呈現成年體型。 瞭解並與您的兒子談論青春期問題。<h2>什么是青春期</h2><p>青春期是一个发育阶段。是儿童的身体开始向成年体型转变的阶段。青春期阶段,孩子的大脑释放荷尔蒙。这使身体发生许多变化。青春期有一些生理变化的特征。包括产生性欲,具有生育能力。</p><h2>要点</h2><ul><li>经常跟您的儿子谈论性的话题。</li><li>确保儿子知道手淫是正常的,属于私人事情。</li><li>多次简短的性问题谈话比几次冗长的谈话效果好。</li><li>以不加评判、无条件爱的方式倾听儿子的想法。</li></ul>
لڑکوں میں بلوغتللڑکوں میں بلوغتPuberty in BoysUrduNAChild (0-12 years);Teen (13-18 years)NANANAAdult (19+)NA2010-06-29T04:00:00ZMark Feldman, MD, FRCPC68.00000000000006.00000000000000973.000000000000Flat ContentHealth A-Zبلوغت نشونما کا ایک مرحلہ ھے جس میں آپکے بچے کا جسم جوان ھونا شروع ھوتا ھے۔ لڑکوں میں بلوغت کے ساتھ ساتھ یہ بھی جانیں کہ اپنے بیٹے سے بلوغت کے بارے کیسے بات کرنی ھے۔



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